Saturday, 14 March 2020

Stencils on fabric pencil case

Hello!  Have you ever thought to use Tando's wonderful *stencils* on fabric?  They can make wonderful backgrounds! Or how about using them as a template for embroidery?  I wish I had thought about that sooner hahaha!  I have used one of the *long stencils* to make a background on a plain pencil case.  I sponged the permanent ink through and then went round with a fineliner, adding some doodles.

For the squares and heart fabric pieces I drew around a *twinchie* and a *heart* before stitching on with a basic running stitch.  A bead, some bobble trim and colourful lining finished the bag.

Thank you for popping by, take care xxx

Friday, 21 February 2020

New Home Hanging

Hi!  My sister has very recently moved house and I wanted to make her a 'home' hanging as a moving in gift.  Tando has a wonderful mix of substrates for all sorts of ideas and I found this lovely set which was perfect....  *The TALL HOUSE KIT*!   I didn't use the whole kit s the project is a fairly small one, around 6x6inches.
I painted the canvas board with dark blue and, when dry, added Weathered Wood then a light coat of white, using a large brush.
I added texture sand through  the *GIRAFFE* mask on the roof and modelling paste through the *DOT STREAM* mask on the large tree.  When they were dry they were painted with acrylics.  The main part of the house has been painted and then stamped on with a crackle stamp.  I added some painted card behind the doorway.  The lettering was done on my computer.
Thank you for looking, xxx

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Large Ring Binder

Hello! Here is the largest *RING BINDER* in the set of three from Tando Creative.  This one is around 9x11 inches, just under A4.  As a set they are incredibly good value!!!!
In a bid to use up my papers I have covered all the outsides apart from the spines.  The inside is just painted *CADMIUM RED* as well as the edges and spines on the outside.  The large *DISTRESSED HEART*  has been distressed some more around the edges and had some of the *TEXTURE THINS* added before painting in the same red.  A strip of wide lace was glued around the outside as shown before the heart was attached.
Thank you for taking a look, take care xxx

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Mini Ring Binder

Hi everyone!  Here with a layered up *LITTLE RING BINDER* for you.  This is one of the smaller ones that comes in a pack of 3 for you to decorate.
To start I glued on a grid to the front and then painted both sides with a pale lilac.  Watering down some blue and purple acrylic I applied it wet and let it run where it wanted.  I also lightly brushed the inside with it.
Taking some leaves from the *MINI LEAVES* pack I painted these green and a little bird was painted off white.  These were added as shown.  I spruced up the spine with some fancy flowery trim, ribbon and beads.  I also added some trim to the leaves to add more texture. The folder stays closed with ribbon.
Thank you for taking a look, hugs, Karen x 

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Art Journal

Helloooooo!!!  Over at *TANDO CREATIVE* this months colour theme is lovely!!!  Though I did use the colours they seem to have come out a lot brighter in the photo's.....never mind!!!

I have made up and decorated the *ART JOURNAL STARTER KIT*  .  This is a lovely A5 book with sewn in signatures and comes with everything that you need including the needle and thread!!!!!.  The paper for the pages is wonderful quality and could stand anything you throw at it. Its very easy to put together with full instructions.
The front.... I added some texture paste and lace to the front before painting it.  The spine wraps around and that was painted then had *WEATHERED WOOD* added before painting again.  The * MINI BIRDS* were painted and added on at the end.

The back...
A look at the spine...
 Such a worthwhile project to do!!!!

Thank you for looking today xxx

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Mini Ring Binder

Hi lovely people!
I have decorated a small ring binder.  It comes in a pack with another the same plus a large one which is nearly A4!  Now these would make fabulous presents for Christmas don't you think? ;-D
I have used patterned paper in an effort to use up some of my paper stash.  But first I gave the binder a coat of black gesso.  Never having used black before I was excited to see that it gave a fantastic new look to the Quinacridone Gold and Turquoise paint that I used on top!!!!  I didn't paint it too fussily and meant it to be streaky to add a bit more interest.  You can see that on the inside better...
Yes, I know there is no blue in the colour palette but I really wanted a bright inside!  I gave the paper a wash of Quin Gold to tone it in better with the substrate.  The heart is from a grab bag.
Thank you for taking a look today, please pop back again, Karen xxx

Monday, 26 August 2019

Mini Books revisited!

 Hi, today I am showing you some little books that I made for a show last year when all the gorgeous MINI BOOKS were launched by Tando Creative.  I don't think these have been blogged before which was very remiss of me.
So here we have 2 of the rounded end ones and 1 wrap round.
Although the curved end looks like it make it difficult to make the pages all you need to do is to draw around the cover.  Both this one and the Christmasy one have patterned paper pages with a light layer of tinting base.
This one I turned into a Post-It Note holder...just the right size!!!!! It would have had a pen or pencil included but I couldn't find one small enough in the time I had.
I hope you enjoyed this little look back, come again soon,xxx