Monday, 23 March 2015

Stencil canvas

Hello, I am kicking off our Tando Creative Blog MASK/STENCIL week of fun!!!  Tando Masks, (or stencils if you prefer) are extremely sturdy yet still very flexible.  I have used mine with all sorts of mediums, from paint to very textured paste.  They clean up superbly, usually with some washing up liquid and a nailbrush but I am a bit lazy and tend to leave mine until the medium is truly dried on (so naughty) and if the nailbrush won't shift it, I spray on oven cleaner, leave for half an hour and then wash!!!!  You can also put them in the dishwasher hahaha!!!!!  We have a lot of different designs to suit all tastes and as well as our own designs we have well known designers who have designed some- Andy Skinner, Neil Walker and Giovanna Zara as well as our own lovely Kaz.

For my project I have used 3 different masks (I will list them later) and made up a large canvas.

Lots and lots of layers on this one if you look closely.  I added some stamped and watercoloured flowers (Chocolate Baroque) and a quote.  Some close ups...

I shall be writing a tutorial for this one soon which will be available of the Tando Website so do look out for it if you fancy making something similar!  These are the masks that I used:

Andy Skinners beautiful *Baroque*
Kaz Boughton's pretty *Dotted Star* 
Tando's lovely *Long Flourish* 
If you fancy having a play with some stencils/masks then please enter our monthly draw.  You can find the page to link your work to at the top of the *Tando Creative Blog*.  Lots of prizes to be won :-D
Thank you for popping by, Hugs xxx

Monday, 16 March 2015


Helloooooo!  Its another 'anything goes' week over at Tando Creative and I am showing you a box that I made up to store sewing threads.  This was made as a Christmas present and I forgot to take a pic of it loaded with cotton reels but it takes around 36 standard reels.

I have made up the basic  *Tic-Tac-Toe* box using different colours of acrylic paint.  The *Sew Simple Set* elements added have also been painted.  I added thread around the cotton reels and stamped a 'tape measure' around the edges of the lid.  Here are the kits I combined...

This box is lovely and sturdy and although I have given it a sewing theme, it could be decorated in a lot of different way.  This project will be out in kit form soon so if you fancy one do please look out for it on the website *HERE*.

If you fancy entering our monthly draw then you are welcome to have a go with any of our themes through the month.  Just enter a link to your work on the tab at the top of the Tando Creative Blog.

Thank you so much for looking today :-D, HUGS xxx

Monday, 9 March 2015

Don't forget to fly!!!

Hello, its a week of crackle treatments for Tando Creative chipboard this week!  There are many ways to achieve this look and I have gone down the old route of using just acrylic paint and PVA glue on my Arch.  They have just started to stock *DECOART MEDIA PAINTS* and having given them a little road test I have to say that they are incredible!!!  The depth of pigment is amazing and just one coat of the *fluid Acrylics* covers the greyboard...very impressive!  None of my other acrylics do that!!!

I coated *Titanium White* over the outer arch.  The next stage has to be done fairly quickly for it to work so gather 2 fairly wide brushes and your mediums.  Cover over the white with a thin PVA (you can water it down a little if its the thick kind) and quickly fill your brush with acrylic (I chose *carbon black*) and gently swipe the brush over the still wet glue.  Watch the magic happen!!!!

The Background has been painted with a mix of *cobalt turquoise, dioxazine purple & primary magenta*  I over stamped using Stazon.  The lovely Finnibair stamped image has been watercoloured, cut out and added with foam tape.  The little butterfly, from a grab bag, has been given the same treatment as the back of the arch then overstamped from the same stamp set.  Here is what I used:

Arch - large straight edged... 

If you fancy having a play with some crackle this week then why not link your work to could win a prize!  Details on a separate page at the top of Tando Creative Blog.
Thank you for looking today, HUGS xxx

Monday, 2 March 2015

Colour Theme for March!

Hi, March already????  Soon be lovely and warm again hopefully :-D

As its the 1st week of the month Tando Creative has a colour theme again, rather a pretty one too!  I have made up a 6 x 6 inch FRAME  and added a MUG AND CUP & SAUCER from a Grab Bag.

The background has been covered with old book pages and then watercoloured.  The outer of the frame has been painted with acrylics.  I used Neocolor II on the mug & cup and saucer then stamped with some Crafty Individual bird stamps before attaching to the frame.  A couple of holes in the top and some rough string finishes it all off!

If you fancy having a go at making something using this colour scheme then please join our monthy competition.  You can leave a link to your lovely work HERE (at the top of the page) to be with a chance of winning some prizes.

Thank you for popping by and yes, my kitchen is always open if you fancy a cuppa!!!!! Hugs xxx

Monday, 23 February 2015

Happiness is.......

Hello lovely people!  Today I am showing you a *Triple Arch Frame* available from Tando Creative Online that I have decorated.

At first I wasn't too sure what I was going to do so had a rummage in my stamps and found a couple of foodie ones that I have never used (such a sin) so I went with a foodie topic!  I stamped onto plain paper with Stazon they overcoloured with Tombow pens, watering them down a lot.  I cut pieces out to fit into the arches, saving bits for the *cutlery* and *heart* later on.  I glued the layers of the arches together then painted them in a co-ordinating colour before attaching to the base.  The cutlery is part of a Cooking Set and I painted them silver before adding the paper to the handles.  Then I dabbed a little brown ink around all the edges and added the stamped quote.

I used...
The Triple Arch Layered Frame
Stamps are by Crafty Individuals and Papermania.
If you fancy having a go with our theme of ARCHES this week then please do!  Enter your link *here* for a chance of goodies when we draw a name at the end of the month.
Thank you for taking a look today and I hope you all get a break from washing the dishes soon!  HUGS xxx

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Guest Designer for The Craft Barn


As its Tando week over at The Craft Barn's Blog I have been asked to design a card using the very useful Tando Mini's.  These have been especially designed to use on cards as they are a lot slimmer than the rest of the range.  But being slimmer does not mean they are flimsy, they can still take a battering of paint hahaha!  I have gone for one of my favourites - the bunnies - soooo cute!!!!!

For the background cut a piece of watercolour paper 5 inches square then using watercolour paints colour  a sky and some grass as shown.  You don't have to be precise as the stamping will cover most of it.

Using the Crafty Individual CI-226 stamps and black Stazon stamp the different flowers to mostly cover the grass.  Add the butterflies.  Using watercolour paints again pick out a few flowers & the butterflies with a little colour.  Lightly gesso the larger running rabbits from the Tando Mini Pack then when dry paint with Fresco Paints. I used Irish Cream with a little Chocolate Pudding added to it.  Paint the tails in Chalk and add a little highlight to their ears and dot their eyes with a black pen.

From The Craft Barn I used :

Tando Creative Mini Rabbits - Crafty Individuals Stamp - CI-395 (similar to the one I used) Alphabet Stamps - Watercolour Paper -Koh-I-Noor Watercolour Paint PaperArtsy Fresco Paints -

Thank you for looking today ;-D, hugs xxx

Monday, 16 February 2015

A bucket or basket????

Hi lovely people!!!  This week I have a lovely, what shall I call it?  A bucket? hahaha!!!! Tando Creative call it a round basket and you can buy one *here*.   If you like to make up gift boxes then this could be for you as it will certainly hold a fair few things!!!  Its 7inches across and around 6inches deep!!!!I have left the handle off as I want to store large tubes of paint in it ;-D

I pushed out all the hearts before painting the sections on one side then covered the other side with double sided  pretty paper.  The base and the top rim were  painted then all the pieces glued in place.  I had some lovely plaited string in my stash which I glued around the top and bottom and then added a border.  The border was stamped onto the same paper and cut out.  I took 2 of the hearts and painted one side and added paper to the other before attaching them with more plaited string.

Here is the inside.....

See, it does go together a bit like a beer barrel haha!!!!  I have to say that I am pleased with this and it will look pretty on my craft table.

Tando have an ongoing challenge so if you fancy making anything this week then please enter it and link to the page at the top of the Tando Blog to enter in the draw for a prize at the end of the month.

Thank you so much for looking today, please take care, HUGS xxx