Wednesday 20 October 2021

Very important Giraffes

 Hi, seeing as I missed last months RIVER OF CREATIVITY CHALLENGE I am back with another one this time!

Following the WILDLIFE theme again I have done a scrapbook page of a wonderful few hours spent with giraffes curtesy of LONGLEAT VIP EXPERIENCES ❤.  These beautiful creatures reduced me to tears with their gentleness and grace.

If you are thinking of treating yourself please do, you will have a wonderful time and come away feeling calm and enriched.

Hugs xxx

Monday 18 October 2021


 Hello lovely people!

Somehow I missed last months challenge for RIVER OF CREATIVITY but I'm here for Octobers! 

This month is all about WILDLIFE.   It can be any type of craft medium you like and this time I have been drawing.  I just love hens and, although they aren't truly wild, this one was very free range which I love to see.  I photographed this lovely lady on a farm.  She was having a rest after scrabbling around the yard.

I used Prismacolor Premier pencils on Canson Bristol paper.  

Thank you for popping by for a look.  If you get a chance do have a go at this challenge.  I am sure that you could come up with something.  Hugs xxx

Friday 20 August 2021

One Earth

 Hello from a grey and drizzly Cornwall!

This months challenge from River of Creativity is 'One Earth'.  I  like their challenges as they really make you think outside the box!  

For this challenge I found an amazing photo of my 5yr old grandson, Arthur 'holding' a froglet (or it may be a baby toad, not too sure).  There is a section of path near here where, every year, hundreds of these frail little creature cross to a lake.  For me, it makes you realise just how fragile the wildlife is, how it hangs in the balance.  It seems even more fragile when there is a child involved.

I have made up a scrapbook page with the photograph.

These are lovely challenges so if you fancy something different check out the link above.

Thank you for taking a peek today, take care xxx

Thursday 22 July 2021

Patchwork journal cover

 Hello again!  

This months River of Creativity challenge is basically nothing soppy :-).  I had to have a think about this one, not that my makes are that soppy, but I wanted to do something other than a card etc.

I have done some hand sewn patchwork to use up some scraps of fabric and made an A5 JOURNAL COVER.

Apart from the patchwork I have left it plain with no adornments so that there is no worry about it lying flat.  Here is how the book inside fits....

And here is the outside all opened up flat...

Thank you for popping by, take care and be safe, hugs x

Monday 14 June 2021


 Hellooooo lovely people!

I don't scrapbook very often and often wish I did having seen some of my friends scrapbooking.  So when The River of Creativity put up there latest prompt of  'Parent and Child' I knew just the photo to use.

I love this photo of my daughter with her 3wk old firstborn.

Perhaps someone can tell me how to avoid the glare when you take a pic of a glossy photograph? 

Thank you for looking , hugs and take care x

Saturday 29 May 2021

Seashell Starshine!

 Hello folks!  Over a year since I blogged last but to be honest I needed to take that break plus I think a lot of us didn't feel like it during the last year!  

We have a massive cellar filled with old family stuff which all needs sorting and clearing.  Having a rummage the other day I came across a carrier bag full of shells which my late father-in-law must have picked up years ago.  I didn't feel it was right to just throw them away so they were cleaned and put to use.  The leftovers will be passed to young family for other crafts.

I made a 12x12inch hanging for the garden!

The base is acrylic painted MDF . The shells were attached with a glue gun and then everything was given a few coats of satin varnish.  I used wire to hang it.  It looks lovely against our fence and really makes me smile!

The limpets were strung to make wind chimes and were varnished to bring out the colours .

I am entering the Sun Hanging into a new challenge blog called River of Creativity.  It brilliant because you can make anything you like!

I know not many people are using blogger these days but if you do pop by , a big thank you

Karen x

Saturday 14 March 2020

Stencils on fabric pencil case

Hello!  Have you ever thought to use Tando's wonderful *stencils* on fabric?  They can make wonderful backgrounds! Or how about using them as a template for embroidery?  I wish I had thought about that sooner hahaha!  I have used one of the *long stencils* to make a background on a plain pencil case.  I sponged the permanent ink through and then went round with a fineliner, adding some doodles.

For the squares and heart fabric pieces I drew around a *twinchie* and a *heart* before stitching on with a basic running stitch.  A bead, some bobble trim and colourful lining finished the bag.

Thank you for popping by, take care xxx