Monday, 13 June 2016

Rocking Horse!

Hello everyone!  I am back after a much needed break from the DT and raring to go again :-D  Today sees the start of another 'Anything Goes' week and I am here to show you a Tando Creative  *Rocking Horse* that I have made up.  You get 2 in a pack and I used 2 packs of MDF ones (you get a choice of greyboard or MDF) and glued them together so that my Rocking Horse is free-standing. 
After glueing them together I painted gel medium around the edges to make it easier to add the blue acrylic as sometimes you need several coats to cover them!  The main body was painted in an off white then stamped with a crackle stamp.  My 1st idea was to add bright flowers but I guess the mood wasn't there as I found myself making a leather saddle etc!  A teensy flower button was added to the bridle.
I am liking this idea to make the animals free-standing so may have a go at the reindeers nearer Christmas :-D
Thank you for taking a look today, HUGS, Karen x

Monday, 30 May 2016

More of my ALPHA TRAY

Hellooooo!  Its been a little while since I posted but I have had a long rest from crafting while other things have been going on in my life......notable the arrival of my gorgeous little grandson, Arthur :-D

But I have still been filling in my Printer Tray with The Craft Barn Alpha Challenge and here are some more letters for you...

J for JADE, which had to include a dragonfly...

A for ARUM lillies...

T for TREE

Just about half way there already!!!!  Thank you for popping by, HUGS xxx

Friday, 15 April 2016

Alpha printer tray catch up!

Helloooo!  I have been a bit remiss in my blogging, partly due to having a long break from my Design Team work.  But I have still been adding to my PRINTER TRAY with The Craft Barn's Alpha Challenge.  Here are some more letters that I have done as well as the tray so far....

G...giraffe.  I made a larger area for this one!



Here is the tray so far...I am still not sure if I should leave the tray as is or paint it.  Feedback would be welcome!

Thank you for popping by my lovelies, take care out there!!!, HUGS xxx

Monday, 21 March 2016

As seen on TV!!!!!

Yes...its very exciting when you see some of your work being displayed on the telly!  Tando Creative have started working with The Craft Channel, bringing you kits to make.  Here are the samples that I made that were shown last week :-D

The MDF Birdhouse HOME

The houses are made from MDF and the letters are from chipboard.

The Home Hanging Kit

This has an MDF base while the letters and embellishments are chipboard.  A brilliant combination!

Thank you for popping by, hugs xxx

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Playing with texture!

Hello, I am playing with *Texture Paste* today :p.  I have decorated an address book.... I promise that the paste is under there somewhere hahaha!!!!!
I used  *Gio's masks (Eighties)* to spread the paste through in the centre of the book cover.  Then I painted over all of the cover with *Quinacridone Magenta*.  When that was dry I added some *Quinacridone Gold* over some of the stencilled parts and also dabbed some *Dioxazine Purple* here and there to add more depth.  When dry I added *Crackle Glaze* around the outside of the mask and on the circles and 'square' shapes.  *Antiquing cream in white* was added into the crackles.  *Liquid Glass* was added to other areas.
Thank you for taking a look today!  xxx

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Recycled cat food box!

Every now and again you see something that you are about to put in the recycling that may have another purpose :D.  I have altered a cat food container into a holder for my little art journals....
The box before...
The box had a couple of layers of gesso before I painted it with the darker green.  When dry I covered it with PVA and, while still wet, added some pale pink.  The flowers are made from circles from the *circles grab bag*.  I painted these with DecoArt Primary Yellow and while still wet added flicks of DecoArt Magenta.  They look very messy but much better when I had stamped and embossed flowers over the top. (see top picture)
The *leaves* were painted in the darker green and brown. You can see how they look better in the top picture.  The stems are painted coffee stirrers.

Thank you for taking a look today, take care , hugs xxx

Monday, 22 February 2016

Ticket Holder and L for locket!

Helloooo!!!!  Whenever hubby and I go up to London we use the train.  This means digging around in my bag for my Oyster card!!!  Whatever did we do before they invented those I wonder!!!!!!!  They save so much hassle don't they?  Anyway...I have made a holder for it and my tickets so that I can find them easily in my bag...

and the inside...

No...we don't always travel 1st class...that was a one off bargain hahaha!!!!!

The base is made out of GrungePaper.  This is wonderful stuff for this kind of project as when its painted it behaves a bit like leather!!!  I cut out the shape I wanted then painted it with purple acrylic.  Using a Tando Stencil (*here*) I added turquoise and green spots.  I then doodled round the spots with a white pen to make them stand out.  I also added a layer of satin varnish to both sides to make it waterproof...

The *buttons* were painted to match, one sewn onto the front and the other threaded with some trimming.  The trimming was placed onto the inside of the back to correspond to the front.  I folded up the flaps and stitched all round the edges to make the pockets.

Now it sits in my bag permanently and patiently waiting for my next trip to London!!!!!!

There is another letter up for the Craft Barn Alpha Challenge - L

I have added a Locket to my printers tray :p  Next time I will show you how my tray is filling up nicely!

Thank you for popping by!  Please leave a comment if you have the time, Hugs xxx