Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Mini Ring Binder

Hi lovely people!
I have decorated a small ring binder.  It comes in a pack with another the same plus a large one which is nearly A4!  Now these would make fabulous presents for Christmas don't you think? ;-D
I have used patterned paper in an effort to use up some of my paper stash.  But first I gave the binder a coat of black gesso.  Never having used black before I was excited to see that it gave a fantastic new look to the Quinacridone Gold and Turquoise paint that I used on top!!!!  I didn't paint it too fussily and meant it to be streaky to add a bit more interest.  You can see that on the inside better...
Yes, I know there is no blue in the colour palette but I really wanted a bright inside!  I gave the paper a wash of Quin Gold to tone it in better with the substrate.  The heart is from a grab bag.
Thank you for taking a look today, please pop back again, Karen xxx

Monday, 26 August 2019

Mini Books revisited!

 Hi, today I am showing you some little books that I made for a show last year when all the gorgeous MINI BOOKS were launched by Tando Creative.  I don't think these have been blogged before which was very remiss of me.
So here we have 2 of the rounded end ones and 1 wrap round.
Although the curved end looks like it make it difficult to make the pages all you need to do is to draw around the cover.  Both this one and the Christmasy one have patterned paper pages with a light layer of tinting base.
This one I turned into a Post-It Note holder...just the right size!!!!! It would have had a pen or pencil included but I couldn't find one small enough in the time I had.
I hope you enjoyed this little look back, come again soon,xxx

Monday, 19 August 2019


Hi people xxx
Do you ever wonder what to do with all those gorgeous ATC's that you have?  Tando Creative have designed a couple of lovely ATC boxes?   The lid folds right back and to close the front just tucks behind where I have put the book plate!  Plus they hold around 50 undecorated ATC's!!!! Oh and there is one for ATC COINS as well.   Here is the one that I did.....
After daubing on paint with a sponge I added some *weathered wood* through a stencil.  When it was dry I added some white over the tops. 
To neaten the circles up which were a bit messy, I added dots with a brown Posca Pen.  At the front I added a *mini book plate* with the lettering inside.
I painted the insides plain.
Thank you for taking a looksee x

Monday, 22 July 2019

Love this little concertina binder!!!!!

Hi everyone, It has been a long while since I posted.  I have been taking a break to concentrate on a few art courses.  You may have seen a few pictures on FB.  There won't be many as I am quite shy at showing them.

But I have been doing a little Tando work still. 

Who can resist this gorgeous and useful concertina binder?  I know I can't!!!!!  Apart from the obvious rings, it has a little holder to place the mini clipboard in or you could add a little book if you like.

You can use this one for all sorts of a holiday journal, an art journal or just a place to put your lists :-D.  Plus its handy enough to fit into a handbag!
I added chalk paints randomly to the bases and then decided it was too bright and gave them a covering of gesso!  The lovely leaf spray has been made using the new layering stencils.  I used two of the layers with modelling paste, painting each as it dried.
Open one side of the binder and you have a holder for the mini clipboard! Its deep enough to be able to hold a lot in your clipboard.
I used paper to cover my page dividers and to decorate the clipboard.  I also added a few quotes for inspiration!
The finishing touch was to add the 'ART' letters and wrap some lace around to hold it neatly.
The team have decorated this in so many ways.  Keep a look out for more inspiration
Karen xxx

Monday, 8 October 2018

Featured in Craft Stamper - Post-It Note Holder

Hello everyone!  The Tando team are delighted that we are featured in November's issue of THE CRAFT STAMPER!  We were all sent the same substrate to work with so it will be very interesting to see how different they all are!  To be honest it doesn't have a name (as yet) but it is a fun piece!!!! 

I am kicking off with mine and I have turned it into a Post-It note holder, although they are diddy!
Lots of Weathered Wood Crackle going on! And open....
The two little Post-It note holders...
Thank you for looking . 

Take care , Karen xxx

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Twinchie #10

Hellooooo!!!!!  It is colour theme week and here I am with another *twinchie* for you!  This time I have added a *domino* and some *mini keys* to my little square.
Thank you for popping by, take care, Karen xxx

Monday, 10 September 2018

Wallet/Magazine storage

Storage is always a problem, especially in a craft room :D useful is this one??????  I have made up this very-easy-to-do *WALLET STORE* .  It is incredibly sturdy and will hold magazines easily and because you decorate it yourself you can really go to town!
Once joined together and painted I added some painted embellishments.  Who can resist the *WHIMSICAL HOUSES *  and those *CURLY TREES* are so pretty!!!!!  Had to add a few little *BIRDS* to finish off. 
At the moment this wallet store is only available with the Round Box which looks like this...
But still a very good price for the two.

Thank you for coming by xxx