Tuesday, 20 May 2008


A little while back my good friend Kaz was fund raising for Action For ME, which I also suffer from. A group of us over on the Bubbly Funk Forum wanted to help so Kaz organised a special raffle for just us! Guess who I won?????????????????

Dear Quentin arrived this morning and just about pushed his way out of the box in a effort to be reunited with his old mate Claude!!! Bless him!!!

I also won a gorgeous bag charm. Hard to see in the pic but its gorgeous shades of green. As with all the things Kaz makes this is beautiful.....I feel a new handbag coming on LOL

Thanks Kaz XXXX


Kaz said...

Aaww I'm glad you like them Karen. Quentin looks happy to be out of that box, he wasn't too happy when I stuffed him in it!

They do look good together don't they? I'm getting used to not having him now lol!

Kathy said...

awww those monkeys look so happy to be reunited!
You definitely need a lovely new bag to display that gorgeous bag charm on

Sue said...

I agree Kaz has done a great job with the bag charms and I love the little card enclosed with it.
Sue x