Monday, 1 September 2008

A jolly to the Brecon Beacons!!

Hello there!!!

Jeremy and I have had a lovely weekend up in the Brecon Beacons in Wales. Talk about stunning.....the heather was out and it was everywhere. I am so pleased that it shows in the photos as often it isn't dense enough cover to be visible in a photograph!

We had called in to see lovely Beth and her family and they suggested this lovely route right into the heart of the Beacons. I have taken loads of pic but don't want to bore you too much eh hahahaha. But don't they look stunning???

I took this one to show just how dense the heather was and the smell was amazing!!!

Jeremy has always wanted to see a 'proper' castle so we called in to Raglan Castle. This is a very interesting one as you can really see the different influnces it has had over the centuries.

Just look at this beautiful old cobbled courtyard. We climbed up what seemed like 100's of steps in a tower to get this shot!

Of course the monkees came too!!!!!

This was Big Pit, which Jeremy has wanted to go down for ages now. It was very great that although certain safety issues had been met they haven't made it all touristy. We even had to gear up with a blet with a large battery for our helmet lights and a gas mask, which alarmed some people!! The belt was pretty heavy and being tall I had to bend over most of the way!!!

Sorry to say that the Monkees got a bit unruly when they were told they couldn't go down the mine at all!!!

Best pic of all has to be Beths little dog Ozzy curled up with them on Beths sofa!!!

Thanks for looking....hope you weren't too bored!!! Till next time XXX


tracy said...

love the pictures if the castle karen,esp the cobbled court for the monkees,i wouldn't take them agian!!!

Kaz said...

So glad the 'lads' sort of behaved themselves Karen.

Fab photos and I'm glad you had a lovely time.

Angelnorth said...

Gosh, it's probably getting on for three decades since I visited the Brecon Beacons - fab pics! Love the monkee shots, the unruly one is just fab!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos Karen and the monkees are so funny. Glad you had a nice day with Beth....x

Janice said...

Looks fab Karen, glad you have a nice weekend away.

Suzie said...

Lovely photos Karen! Looks like a beautiful part of the country!

Traceyr said...

Great photos Karen. Ozzy looks really comfortable with the monkees.

Wow I love the cobbled courtyard photo.

Traceyr :)

Kathy said...

Great pics Karen - hope J enjoyed his First Castle Experience!

You were brave letting those naughty monkeys out of the car. I hate to think what trouble they could have caused you....

hazel said...

lovely photos Karen, i love the courtyard photo