Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Rosie-Dee's Challenge 3

There is a new CHALLENGE BLOG out there called ROSIE-DEE'S( which I am going to try to keep up with!!! There are going to be all sort of different challenges to tryso should be fun! This is the 3rd challenge now and set by Dee:

'You know that sheet of patterned paper sitting in the bottom of your stash! You know the one, from a kit that you just couldn't use! a 'bad' purchase!Well I want you to use that one!! and make a small gift bag with matching gift tag and card!'

Well, don't we all have some papers that we are not too keen on???? The one I have used baffles me....just can't understand why I bought it!!! Its lovely but not really my thing iyswim. Anyway with a little help from a bit of lace & ribbon this is what I came up with:

The bag and tag is the paper in its purest form but I cut the flowers out for the card as I thought it was too heavy a pattern. Can't tell you what paper it is tho co I had already cut & stuck before I remembered to make a note....sorry !
Thanks for stopping by and please leave a message, I love those hehe XXX


Gez said...

Wow! those are incredible Karen, can't see what you didn't like about the paper though! You've done a good job. Hope you enjoy the rest of the challenges x

tracy said...

very nice karen,i can see what you mean about the paper,think i would've cut the flowers out too :)

Beth said...

Those bags are beautiful my lovely. Do you know what, I think I might have a sheet of that paper myself, looks familiar. I think you've done a great job and different too. As for the christmas planner on previous post, blinking gorgeous. Love the hanging baubles too. So clever. XX

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Oooh, Karen! Our first challenge-player-onerer! LOL

I actually like that paper, it's a big bit funky! The card is really lovely. Looks fiddly cutting those flowers out.

Deanne said...

woo hoo thank you so much for playing.
Really funky stuff you got going on there.
Hugs xxx

Angelnorth said...

It's quite boho-hippy isn't it? Well done, the set looks great and I think lightening the effect for the card was a great idea.

Kathy said...

These little bags look great Karen - now, what are you going to fill them with?

Sam said...

lovely Karen. I love the card!

Anonymous said...

Lovely bags Karen....x and I think the paper is quite nice too!

Anonymous said...

`Thesse` are `beautiful`...TFS:)~X~