Wednesday, 22 April 2009


As I have said before, I don't normally do LO's and now I have done another one hehe!!! When I saw this number paper in my DT kit I was so reminded of my lovely late FIL, Douglas. He had a thing about numbers and never used calculators in his business. He was actually doing all the wages in his head till just before he died at 82...amazing man!!!

This picture was taken for Douglas' 80th birthday and looking at it now I can see the illness which was to take him at the end. But this very gentle , kind man was also a DEMON behind the wheel hahahahahaha. He was last caught speeding when he was 80!!! The policeman just looked into the car and thought...'poor old guy just doesn't realise'....hahahahahahaha!!!!! Jeremy and I really miss this man!!! Anyhoooo, I found this lovely pic of Douglas on one of his bikes when he was a young man during the war years and put it with the paper to make a LO. If you would like to see how I did this please take a look here!

With the bits left over I made two cards, one using a pic of a Rat Bike emblem. Yes...that is its name....have to say that I had never heard of it before. Scruffiest bike I have ever seen hahahahaha But it was endearing iyswim amongst all the polished ones!!!! is a pic of one just for the fun of it hehe

ooops...better say that the bike pics came from an RBLR show I went to recently...mmm...leather AND uniforms...great mix hehe!!!!! Thank you so much for ploughing thru my post. Big hugs XXXXX


Gez said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely memories of a very special man with us. I'm sure he would approve of your fantastic LO & card. Well done Karen. XX

Traceyr said...

Karen great layout and cards. Love the rivet brads.

Douglas sounded like a lovely man.


Rosie (Freycob) said...

Fantastic LO for someone who doesn't scrap m'dear! Great photo of J's dad. Bet he loves the LO xx

Beth said...

Karen, what a very lovely photo of your FIL. He looks such a lovely man, with a pleasant, kind face. I LOL'd when I read he'd been caught speeding at the tender age of '80'. Good for him, I say!!

Lovely LO and cards too and lovely memory, I feel quite sentimental for you love and I never met Douglas. XX

Kathy said...

Fab story, fab LO and fab cards. Your FIL sounds quite a character, no wonder you miss him

CLARE said...

He sounds like a lovley chap - you have really done the photo justice with a great LO. Nice cards too

Angelnorth said...

So lovely that you have wonderful memories of your FIL Karen in these days when so many families seem to have "history" to contend with - positively heart-warming m'dear, TFS :o)

Hee hee, my verification is "repuppra" - do you think that's the sound of Douglas revving up his bike by way of approval?

tracy said...

doulas sounds like a real character :) lovely LO,and great cards ;)