Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I am so so sad today. Those who follow my blog will have read about Charlie, my tenacious old cat. Today he decided that he had had enough of this world and left us. At 21 he had been part of my life for soooo long that he will leave a massive gap in our day to day existence.
He was an extraordinary cat who won over anyone who met him. He would con them into letting him use their lap even tho they were warned of clingy white hair!!! He took everything that life threw at him too. A vet once desribed him as a sulker and oh boy was he right!!! He was in a car accident as a young cat & had pins in his hips and leg. He had a stroke and the vets gave him 6months. But he wasn't bothered and learnt to walk problem, though it was more of a mince haha. That was 3 & a half years ago now. He had another stroke last month which left him blind but even that didn't phase him. He shrugged it off and soon found his way round...especially to his food!!!!
But the last couple of days he just wore out and how wonderful for us all that it was old age that took him in the end. We are so grateful that he wasn't suffering in any could have been far worse.
Anyway....thank you for getting this far. I will leave you with some photographs of Charlies rather peculiar sleeping habits......

on my sewing basket...right on the pincusion!!!

although he is awake in this pic...he liked to sleep here too

I suppose he was comfortable haha

on an eggtray and yes there were eggs in it!!!

Thank you for looking XXX


Angelnorth said...

Awww Karen, sorry Charlie finally purred his last purr. I'm sure he had a good life with you and you with him {{{hugs}}}

Anesha said...

So very sorry for you loss of Charlie. I know the pain you are going through, it feels like your heart is being ripped out. Send a big (((Hug))) to you. Love the photos you posted and he sounds like a real character. Remember the good times. Hugs Anesha

Di said...

I'm thinking of you my lovely. What lovely photos to be able to remember him by. xxxxxxx

Carol said...

aww Karen, how very sad - at least Charlie cat is now waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge, free of aches and pains...he will leave a big hole - hope that you're all ok...xx

Kathy said...

So sorry to hear this news, Karen
But what fab pics you have to help you remember him - he was quite a character.

Rosie (Freycob) said...

So sorry Karen. I had the honour to meet Mr Charlie in 2007 when we visited for your wedding. He was a beauty! Treasured memories abound no doubt.

Big hugs from us all here.

Kaz said...

Sending you all hugs hun. He was a lovely cat, certainly one in a million. I had to laugh at the photo of him in the birdhouse!

Take care xxxx

Sue said...

Oh Karen I am so sorry to hear about your puss cat. You have some wonderful piccies here though to remeber him by.
I know he will be sadly missed having lived to such a good age.
Sue xx

Net said...

What a beautiful kitty Karen!

Dawn said...

Awww Karen I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Charlie, it unbearable, I have two cats and cannot imagine life without them.
Just remember you gave hime the best life a cat could want..


Janice said...

These are great photographs and show what a character Charlie was. Hope your pain will soon heal and you can remember all the good times.

Gez said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs of Charlie. Treasured memories. Take care.XXX