Monday, 14 September 2009


Have you ever made something & felt perfectly please with it & then a certain someone has suggested one more do it and then realise that you have ruined your work?????? Happened to me with this one.....I feel that the circle round the text has done this :( But I can't change it so have to accept it :(

The challenge this week is.....VEHICLES. I have a lovely, if faded, photograph of my great grandparents on their cart. They always called it that even tho its actually a trap. Sitting behind them is one of their sons. Marth always used this cart to go into town. Sadly a car spooked her horse one day and the cart tipped over killing her.

Do come over & join us for this challenge and to take a look at the DT work. Stay safe on the roads, HUGS XXX


Kaz said...

I love the LO Karen, so gorgeously vintage in every way.
I like the circle around it as it highlights the right word. xx

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Awsome photograph to have Karen. It's not ruined at all by the circle, it's highlighted that's all!


tracy said...

lovely card karen-sad story :(

Gez said...

Fabulous Karen. I agree with Kaz. It draws your eye so you can read. I always think thats just what future generations will want to see... as much detail & background info as poss & it brings the whole piece together. :-) xx

Angelnorth said...

Great LO Karen, even if it's a story with a sad ending. I don't think the circle ruins it at all, the extra weight it lends to that side of the LO balances off the photograph as well as drawing your eye to the definition - I like it!

Tip for you though if you come up against this kind of decision in future - if I'm considering adding something (stamped greeting or whatever) to something otherwise "finished" I do it on a piece of acetate and lay it over the work. If I like it, I add it for real and otherwise I scrap the idea with no harm done. The acetate wipes clean to serve another day :o)

Ruth said...

i think it's gorgeous but I have learnt not to ask my Dh's opinion because he will tell me the truth in his opninio and then I'll ruin my project more often than not!!
My Great grandad was killed in the same way...very sad as it was one of the first road deaths in Yorkshire.

Janice said...

What a great story and the LO is just great. Good idea of Joanne's with the acetate.

Gini said...

Ooooh poor Marth!
That's really sad.
You didn't ruin the Layout - like everyone else said it's fine and we all like it! It picks up the blue in the rest of the picture and gives balance like Angelnorth said.
Don't look at for a few days, put it away then get it out again and you'll be much happier with it, a few days apart and it'll be love again!

Craft u Crazy said...

It's a beautiful card and I think it really gives justice to the photo.

CLARE said...

Lovely LO,not at all spoiled by the circle. All the embellishments go so well with the photo.

Anesha said...

Really lovely card, such soft colours. Anesha

Hazel said...

Sad story - super LO (and like Joanne's acetate tip) x