Wednesday, 30 September 2009


I thought I would take part in this WEDNESDAY THINGY that is doing the rounds!!!  Would you believe that my desk so often looks like this???  I hear groans of 'how can you work like this?' or 'mine is like that' hahahahahahaha!!!!  Well it IS tidy behind me if that helps hee hee!!!


NormaJean said...

I just love your work desk and is that coffee or hot chocolate it that cup looks
Hugs Normajean

Kaz said...

I spy with my little eye ..... ha ha ha!!
Is that a bagpuss in the top left corner? I love your desk, you know it's like mine (although not this week) xxx

Julia Dunnit said...

I love it - mine's ben like that fo rages but had to tidy yesterday..6 foot of space and one square inch to work in! I love your storage tins and also that you have 3 pots of glue onthe's just like being at home. I haven'tused the Judikins Hand Made Card stamp in a while, but if I rummage, I could! Oh please join this ridiculousness again next week!!

Craft u Crazy said...

I think most of us have desks that look like that.... I start every day with a clean space and tell myself that "TODAY" I am going to work neat and orderly... ha ha, WHATEVER, it sill ends up looking just like your desk looks. A GREAT BIG MESS.


yvonne said...

Well mine is usally the same , and there are pictures to prove it .. we would work so well together,lol

Nothing to do with the fact you live in the best part of England .. just adore Cornwall!

Susie Sugar said...

What a fantastic desk I have had real fun having a good old nose around and I think its a lovely desk that belongs to a lady with a very creative mind ...and I had a quite look at your creations ...stunning .... I will be back next week , I wanna see more
Hugs Susie xx

Janice said...

Very creative!

Traceyr said...

Every good crafter should have a cuppa on their desk. :)

Gini said...

I just measured how much usuable space is free in my craft area - about 5" x 6"! I don't have as much on my desk as you, purely because it's not as big or as deep as yours!
I try to stay more tidy but when one gets in "the zone" who stops to put things away?
I put a lot of stuff on the floor when I've finished with it because there isn't anywhere else for it to go and I've never got the hang of balancing a basket on my head (which would be a phenomenal crafting storage solution if only it was easier to learn) However I can only put things on the floor because we have no cats anymore, it's not really an option for you is it?