Monday, 26 July 2010


Is it my age do you think?  I am finding it so hard to understand how my Step-father gets to be 75 tomorrow!!!!!  He still works full time during the summer months working with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust running a boat to & from LOOE ISLAND (do take look as its beautiful!) down here in Cornwall.  He has carried allsorts to the Island ranging from Hebridean sheep to an Aga last week hahaha.  Inbetween he goes off on bike rides with the British Legion Riders Assoc. including charity runs and whenever possible jaunts off to France in a motorhome!!!!  I so wish I had his energy hahahaha.  Here he is showing Millie that its perfectly normal to dunk your crisps into clotted cream!!!!!!! noooooooooooooooo!!!!!

He has had a remarkable life really.  He has been a Formula 3 Racing Driver, a Merchant Seaman and an Oil Rig Troubleshooter having worked along side Red Adare !!!!  Anyway...I am waffling now and I expect you want to see what kind of brithday card I came up with eh?  Twas a bit tricky as its a sort of special birthday isn't it?  I usually do something with boats but wanted this to be 'different' so here it is...

Stamps are by PaperArtsy & I thought the sentiment appropriate for someone this active.  Now do you think he will get that its all a compliment or will I need to explain it to him? hahaha

Thank you for taking a look & indulging me in my nostalgia , HUGS XXX


Kathy said...

Your step-dad sounds a real character - it's lovely to hear how much he enjoys life. Looe Island looks soooo beautiful too

That card is fab and the quotation is wonderful - I must make a note of that one

Kaz said...

That's fab Karen. perfect for him. Doesn't everyone dunk their crisps in clotted cream?! xxxx

Twiglet said...

What a character he sounds. I could spend hours just listening to the tales I bet he could tell. Do wish him a very happy Birthday from me :-)
A x

Wipso said...

Oops. As you will see from the last comment big sister has been here logged on on my computer and I have left my message to you but in her name :-) Senior moment.....sorry
A x

lisa said...

I hope he has a really lovely birthday, Karen, he sounds like a wonderful man and certainly packs a lot into life.
Your card is gorgeous, great sentiment!!
Hugs Lisax

Angelnorth said...

He sounds great fun Karen (although I'm not convinced about his snacking habits!) - fab card for him, love that clock!

Janice said...

What an interesting man. He obviously has loads of energy and a real interest in life. How Cornish to dip your crisps in clotted cream lol!

Love your card too.

Cheryl said...

omg hun this is one brilliant card,just perfect,the sentiment really says it all and as for your father in law gosh makes me feel old wish I could do half the things he does,gosh just wore me out just reading it,hugs cheryl xxxx

Net said...

That's super Karen. he's certainly had a very interesting life.

Angie said...

What an amazing man ...what stories he could tell ...maybe you should record some or give him a note book to jot some down ... for posterity.Please wish him a Happy Birthday from Blog Land.
Love the sentiment on the card.

tracy said...

what a great character he sounds :)...but crisps and clotted cream!!!! (might have to try that LOL)
great card :)

Gini said...

Wow what a full and healthy life he leads!
I don't think you'll need to explain the sentiment but you might have to explain that you don't really think he has those exact skinny stripy legs and that you are merely using artist licence. LOL
However my legs used to look just like those right up until I was 17ish!!

Gini said...

I saw the stampotique (sp?) cat stamp today, and I bet you've got it already or it's on your list to get next??!!
I thought it was brilliant :-)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the lovely card, I also was very, very, very, very impressed with your step-father and his awesome life. What amazing stories he must tell. I would love to meet him. I bet he could run (or bike) circles around me any day. Wish him a very happy birthday for me, too, please.

Hazel said...

The card is perfect for the character and the occasion - must remember that quote (this is the third time I've tried to leave this comment - hope you haven't got it again and again ...) x

Traceyr said...

Your step-dad sounds like a right hoot! If I'm down in Looe I will surely be taking a boat trip to Looe Island - that's for sure. Wish him a happy birthday and I think your card is perfect. Love the glossy numbers and the long legs!


ps I personally think the cream is better with sweet things but then again maybe it is his secret to a long, healthy, active life? x

Dawn said...

Wow a great time he has had The Red Adare! very cool! I saw the film they made with John Wayne it was really good. Love the card perfect for a man not too fussy! but very good none the less

Love Dawn xx