Monday, 9 May 2011


Hi lovely bloggers!  I am off to a craft retreat at the weekend so I have been busy preparing for that BUT I do have something to show you.  I have been practising my faces and find that I can't draw those gorgeous beings that so many of you can.  You know...the ones with those gorgeous eyes that are like pools???  Am absolutely useless at them.  So I am sticking with my usual ones.  These are 'happy' and 'grumpy' pages hahaha....

I have since filled it in with loads of journalling.  I didn't realise so many things made me grumpy though.....must be my age hahahaha!!!!!  I have used a set of Derwent colouring pencils just for faces, which is a lovely set.

Thank you for looking today, take care, HUGS xx


Gini said...

Good luck at The Craft Barn, saw you in the list of Star attractions (just where you should be too!)I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.
Your faces are great - it's true! But I know how self critical we each can be (I know I am - which is why I don't even try to draw faces anymore) and why you don't believe me even if 50 successive commentators say the same as me :-)
Happy demo weekend!!

Cheryl said...

well you are better than me hun these are just brilliant love the expression on the second one,hugs cheryl xxxxx

Angelnorth said...

Loved your arched framing and I suspect we could have titled this for you without you saying - the expressions are spot on, well done!

Zoechaos said...

Oh yes know that face very good likeness! You know those dreamy eyes your were talking about, yours have more more realism makes the whole face look more believable. Enjoy your week-end. XOXO Zoe

Dawn said...

Oh Karen I love these pages, (I can not draw faces at all)You really have the feature down to a T And the frames and back ground are very COOL have a beautiful time away crafting

Love Dawn xx

Margaret said...

I can't draw faces to save myself! I love yours, especially the grumpy one, she kinda rings a bell somehow, I can't imagine why...
I've enjoyed catching up on our calender pages I've missed, love love love that challenge, I really should have played along..

Traceyr said...

Karen these pages are wonderful and you have got drawing faces down to an art! The happy side looks like a photograph of you rather than a drawing. You are clever.

Love the doodling and the shape of your arches. Fab!!!