Thursday, 7 July 2011


Helloooo, no crafting from me but I do have some exciting news for you!!!  My lovely super- talented-try-anything-new-and-interesting friend ~Zoe~ is kicking off a fabulous ONLINE CLASS over at Tando Creative. It starts tomorow & will be weekly.....oh & its  free!!!!  Take a look ~HERE~ to see what its all about :-D  Zoe is going to be using allsorts of techniques, which knowing her will give amazing results, and will be making them up in a book format!  Here is  sneaky peak haha...

Isn't that pretty????  Wonder how she did that??? Please pop over to see what Zoe does tomorrow.  HUGS xxx

Grrrr...can't beive tha I have had to o over al thi as my keyboard is sick!!!!!!  Technology eh?? :-D


Zoechaos said...

Oh no pressure then nothing to live up to here is there LOL

Hope people do visit and that no one is disappointed and thank you my friend for the plug. XOXO Zoe

Gez said...

Great sneak peak Karen.Xx