Tuesday, 20 November 2012

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Hellooooo.....I had so much fun doing these that I am even going to give you all my pattern hahaha!  Once you have all your bits & pieces for these little 6inch bears they come in so cheaply its daft!  I started making these years ago for Church bazaars from my own pattern and they were really popular with little children.  Great for babies if you are careful with the the faces!  I love that they are never the same - its all in the ears hahaha!  You can see that the bear with the bow has odd ears...that down to a stitch being different when I sewed around them hahaha!

I am hoping that you can save the pattern from here, if not leave a message & I will email you with it!  This pattern is for a 6inch/30cm bear but could easily be enlarged.  Or made even smaller hahaha!

Using the pattern cut out your bear. I used Calico which is double sided but if you use one-sided fabric remember to cut half your pieces the other way! Using a seam allowance of 5mm, sew up your seams in the following order (leaving a gap in one of the centre body seams for turning & pressing as you go) - centre body seams, centre head seams, head to body seams, ear pieces. Turn the ears and pin/tack onto one of the heads to line up with the marks. With right sides together join the back & front pieces together. Snip all the seams and turn, stuff with washable stuffing (or you could use old tights) and sew up the gap in the back seam. One bear finished!

I really hope that you have a go at these....PLEASE show me if you do!!!! 

From The Craft Barn I used...


Now for my calendar page.  I couldn't very well put a teddy on it so I just had the idea that its the month before my wedding anniversary and a certain someone keeps saying about Paris hahaha!  Here is his hint...

I have used stamps from the lovely Oxford Impressions - Court of Versaille set for this and embossed in gold.  Looks really sumptuous!

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Thank you for looking today, HUGS xxx


Kaz said...

Those teddies are just so cute Karen! I bet there are a few little ones who'd like them.
Gorgeous calendar page too, I hope he takes the hint xxx

Annie said...

Aw I love your little teddy pattern Karen. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I will let you know if I managed to make some.
A x

Twiglet said...

Gorgeous little Teds! I think I will just have to make one. x Jo

Dawn said...

These teddies are fantastic sweetie, sooooo cute, lol I want her shoes ha ha. Tee hee I remember all the ones you made years ago, they were leapt on by all and rightly so.
Ha ha ha, love the calendar 'hint' too, fab job my lovely.
Huge hugs x x x x

Traceyr said...

What cute bears Karen and how clever to have made the pattern yourself.

fingers crossed for next years trip to Paris. :)

Netty said...

Love your calendar page but those little teds are just a total joy to see, fab work. xx

ionabunny said...

Love the balloon. That copper on blue is a fantastic combination.

Annie said...

I've made a little teddy and have posted it on my blog today :-)
A x

KC'sCourt! said...

I have just found your blog through Annie. Please may I make a bear?
Julie xxxxxxx

Dawn said...

Oh Karen your teddies are adorable, I can see why they would be SO popular.

I have also seen the sewing machine your talking about (if only I had the pennies) it does look amazing. Much love D xx