Friday, 28 November 2014


ooooo its nearly Santa time!!!!!!!!  My daughter adores Christmas so what better early present is there for someone like her hahaha!  A personalised *Santa, Please Stop Here* sign :-D  I love that this is just add the names required onto your order!

There are 6 stockings in all so 6 names can be added!  As there are only 3 in my daughters family I have tucked the other 3 away safely to be added later.  I also made an extra hole so that the stockings 'balance' out, easy to do! The main section has been painted white and then over stamped with fir trees. 

The houses have been covered in glittery paper with corrugated card for rooves.   I went round the houses with a red watercolour pencil.  The stocking were treated in the same way.

All the lettering has been painted red and glitter added to give it sparkle.  I loved the sparkle but wanted it to glow as well so I rubbed some Treasure Gold around the whole thing.  I glued some rough string around the main section and tied on the stockings with a finer string.

This would make a lovely Family item to come out year after year...well...until Santa stops coming hahaha!  Saying that......he always comes to our house!

Take care out there xxx


Kaz said...

This is gorgeous Karen, I should think it will be well received !! xxx

Carol said...

Karen this is gorgeous - I'm sure that it will be treasured always xx

Gio said...

Genius! I love the little houses on top, with the corrugated cardstock as roof! So lovely.

Coco said...

And this one too is fantastic mmmm, so lovely!! ^^