Monday, 22 February 2016

Ticket Holder and L for locket!

Helloooo!!!!  Whenever hubby and I go up to London we use the train.  This means digging around in my bag for my Oyster card!!!  Whatever did we do before they invented those I wonder!!!!!!!  They save so much hassle don't they?  Anyway...I have made a holder for it and my tickets so that I can find them easily in my bag...

and the inside...

No...we don't always travel 1st class...that was a one off bargain hahaha!!!!!

The base is made out of GrungePaper.  This is wonderful stuff for this kind of project as when its painted it behaves a bit like leather!!!  I cut out the shape I wanted then painted it with purple acrylic.  Using a Tando Stencil (*here*) I added turquoise and green spots.  I then doodled round the spots with a white pen to make them stand out.  I also added a layer of satin varnish to both sides to make it waterproof...

The *buttons* were painted to match, one sewn onto the front and the other threaded with some trimming.  The trimming was placed onto the inside of the back to correspond to the front.  I folded up the flaps and stitched all round the edges to make the pockets.

Now it sits in my bag permanently and patiently waiting for my next trip to London!!!!!!

There is another letter up for the Craft Barn Alpha Challenge - L

I have added a Locket to my printers tray :p  Next time I will show you how my tray is filling up nicely!

Thank you for popping by!  Please leave a comment if you have the time, Hugs xxx


Gio said...

I love your card holder, so bright , you can't miss it in your bag. At first sight looks really like

Eager to see your tray!

DIane Warburton said...

Is there no end to your talents?! - yet another project which is so original and gorgeous. I hope you manage to get another first class deal xx