Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Stamping Elephant!

Hello!  I have been working with a Natalie Kalbach stamp today, the wonderful ELEPHANT!!!  This stamp is amazing value as there are two stamps in the pack as well as a lovely 5x7 stencil to play with!  Each elephant is different though the same size and shape.  These stamps are big at nearly 7inches long.  With this in mind I thought I would stamp onto fabric for my project!
For the main body I chose some bright cotton fabric and stamped onto the reverse so that I had some soft shading.  Then I stamped again onto the bright side for the 'blanket' and cut that section out.  I decorated that with beads and bobbly braid.  Another whole elephant was cut out and I stitched them together leaving a gap for stuffing, adding a ribbon to hang by and a tail as well as incorporating the 'blanket' into the seam.  Then I added some more braid and a button & bead for the eye.
Thank you for popping over, take care xxx


Diane Warburton said...

He's totally the coolest elephant in town! Such an ingenious creative way of using a stamp xx

Suze cousins said...

How absolutely are one amazing lady xxxx

Gez Butterworth said...

Totally GORGEOUS Karen ♥

Gay Peplow said...

Lovely job, he really is so cute, love the gorgeous fabric too 😊Xxx