Friday, 4 November 2016

Blue and brown box!

Hi, its colour theme week again over at Tando Creative and for this I have decorated the *Tic Tac Toe Box* (without the noughts & crosses etc).
After I glued all the pieces together and added some gesso I spread some *white modelling paste* through Gio's pretty *Eighties* mask/stencil.  When this was dry I went over the whole top of the box with the lighter blue in the colour them, then , putting the mask back over, I added the two terracotta colours and the dark brown. (I added the dark brown after this pic was taken) 
I added *Crackle Glaze* over the two colours above and around the edge of the box.  When that was dry I added *Red Oxide Antiquing Cream*, rubbing it back when it was dry.  I added *Liquid Glass* to the dark brown areas.
The sides of the lid were painted in dark brown and the base was painted in the blue.  I lined the bottom of the base with brown felt and the inside of the lid with patterned paper.  Then I went round all the edges with a copper pen.
Inside the lid...
Thank you for joining me today, do come and visit again soon! Take care x


Angelnorth said...

Great mosaic effect with picking out areas of the textured stencilling in the different brown shades Karen and the crackle detail looks fab!

Diane Warburton said...

It looks crackin! ... get it?! Like what I did there? ;-) but it is very nice. I think that paper on the inside really gives it that pop. xx

Mickie said...

Karen this is gorgeous! I've never used the whole stencil before but will be doing so now......xx

Gio said...

Such a cool box, Karen! This combo is a match in heaven, and great different textures.
I left my cat in Sardinia, I didn't have the gut to force her to live again in a small flat all alone all day. She is better now, it's the only thing i hang on, hope it's the best decision. I miss her so much!