Friday, 2 May 2008


I had a very eagerly awaited parcel in the post this morning!!! There was great excitement as I carefully cut one side to see what was inside. Tyrone has been a bit lonely since Old Bear started sleeping so much so I asked my lovely friend Kaz to find him a new pal. She came up trumps!!! Tyrone has spent the last few days wringing his dressing gown ties and rolliong his eyes waiting for the postman and couldn't wait to see what was in the bag......tho Old Bear wasn't too interested at all!

At last they were together but Old Bear couldn't help but wonder what all the fuss was about and was very jealous that the new arrival had fur and he didn't. It made him regret that he had sunbathed all those years ago!!!!

Isn't the new Monkee wonderful????? Now to think of a name for him. Old Bear is so called because I have had him since I was a baby!!! Tyrone has a Noel Coward way with him iyswim! mmmm....will have to think on it!!!
Thank you for tolerating this little bit of menopausal madness LOL X


Janice said...

He's lovely Karen! Why don't you set up a competition to name him? Or maybe you have some ideas already, you could do a poll on BF - hee hee.

Sue said...

Oh I love yor madness Karen!
My daughter and I are both afflicted the same way, though not with bears. She likes sheep and I talk to Johnny Depp.
Love your monkee by the way.
Sue x

Kaz said...

Aaawww glad you all like him. It looks like he's settled in already. Have loads of fun with the fluffy lil chap!!

Kathy said...

he's just fab Karen, aren't you and the Bears lucky to have such a cool new playmate!

TraceyR said...

Karen what a handsome chap. Lots like he might be French to me. A little cafe au lait? So maybe Claude would be an appropriate name?

I do love your "Old Bear" too he's gorgeous. :)

Angelnorth said...

Great addi(c)tion, Karen! I think he has jazz trumpeter lips so maybe you could call him Humph or Littleton in honour of the fab tumpeter/radio presenter who just died? Or maybe Satchmo?

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Awww Karen! You have a new, hairy, friend for your bears! Lucky you!

Hmmmm.... a name for him (or could it be a her?!)