Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Christmas Matchbox Swap!!!!

ooooooo .....this was a load of fun!!! Over on BubblyFunk some of us did a Matchbook Swap. We had to decorate a large matchbox (anyone want any matches????? lol) and then fill it with Christmas embellies etc.

I recieved a very pretty box from Paddy very stuffed with goodies!!! In fact I tipped them all out into a bowl and couldn't get them back in there was so much. So a huge THANK YOU to Paddy XXXXXXX

See what I mean???? There is loads!!!! Here is the one that I sent off, not sure who has it now mind. I went a bit mad and decided to alter it instead of just covering it. Probably not what was required but hey-ho!

Have to admit that I was pleased with it and my Christmas mad daughter went gaga so I now have to make her one.

Thanks so much for looking X


Sue said...

What a lot in a matchbox! You lucky people.
Sue x

traceyr said...

wow Karen that sleigh is magnificent. You certainly did alter that box. LOL

I too did well out of the swap but I wasn't the recipient of the sleigh unfortunately.

traceyr :)