Thursday, 7 May 2009


I could really get into this scrapbooking lark you know!!!!! Encouraged by lovely Ruth, I am starting to scrap all the lovely old family photographs that we have here.

This one has no title beacuse I really couldn't think of one at the time. But I think I will call it FUTURE PROMISE! Its a lovely picture of J's Aunty Francis, taken when she was a young girl just facing adulthood. Those that know me will know that this lovely lady is still with us and enjoying life at 94. In fact she still went dancing every week until she had got a nasty chest infection last September......amazing!!! She very kindly lent me her photo album and I was able to copy a wealth of old photographs of family, including her wedding day (which is a must to scrap later)
She is one of my favourite people and here she is.....

....and here is the layout!

I did have a grrrr moment when I smugded my writing and had to pop a little flower over it hahahahaa. I hope to show you her wedding picture soon so please look out for that one. Thank you so much for looking, hugs XXX


Rosie (Freycob) said...

She is an amazing lady indeed! I had the privilege of meeting her at your wedding (which is where I remember the other photograph being taken, if I'm correct!) Both Aunty Francis and Uncle Ron are a wonderful pair of people. Will and I felt like we'd been adopted into the family by them both.


Karen said...

Yes Rosie, you are right, that is part of Wills photo. XXX

Beth said...

Simply beautiful Karen. Aunty Francis has such a lovely little face and amazing (though considering her present health) she is for her age, bless her.

Love the LO, plus, after close inspection, I think the way you've torn and inked the edges, especially at the bottom, makes the paper look like beautiful, glorious drapes, lovely. It gives that lovely full look about it. XX

Angelnorth said...

Oooh, we have a photo of my gran that looks very much like that! It's a great LO, love the "corset strings" and your handwritten journalling adds that special personal touch. I hope Aunty Frances likes it when you show her and we'll be looking out for her wedding day - bless!

tracy said...

thats beautiful karen :)

Ruth aka alteredgeisha said...

Yipee thats another one hooked!! I must be doing my job right after all!! heehee

What a beautiful vintage / heritage layout...I love the flower circle and the extravagant use of pearls!!
....and off course the lacing technique!!

Well done you!!

Janice said...

This is just gorgeous Karen and makes me want to scrap some of my family photos (I have many). It is so nice for you to have such a good relationship with Aunty Francis, bet J is like that when he is 94 hee hee hee!

Hazel said...

Beautiful LO, Karen - thanks for sharing x