Friday, 12 June 2009


Hello again!!! I have to apologise to you all as I have only just thought to put these challenges onto my blog!!! Over on the Bubbly Scrumptious Blog I organise a new challenge on the 1st Sunday of every month. This month the theme is:


This can take any form that you like and anyone can join. If you take a look ~here~
you will see our Design Teams take on the theme. One even did some cooking!!!!!

I made a cupcake pincusion for my take on the challenge. It started life as one of those cardboard cups you have for take-away! I cut it down and stuck concertina'd paper all round and edged it with ric-rac which I had sewn some beads onto. I cut a large circle of fabric for the top and (after adding a beaded flower & a button) I ran a thread round and stuffed it! A bit of glue and pushing & shoving and there was my cupcake made. Darned useful it is too hahaha

It would be great if you would pop over to take a look at the challenge and hopefully we can encourage you to have a go! Thanks for taking a look today, have a great weekend, HUGS XXX


Kathy said...

aaahhh I was wondering what you'd used as the base - good thinking karen!

It looks fab, brilliant idea. I'm still thinking about this one...

Carol said...

um almost good enough to eat Karen!! fab pin cushion (or should that be cake?)

Ruth said...

I love this idea and so want to make one with a pop out mini book inside..... the only problem is I would feel like I am stealing someone elses idea. So if you see one in the future you will know who pinched the concertina'd paper idea!!

Gez said...

It looks truly scrumptious Karen.xx

tracy said...

i love this karen,it looks pretty darned useful:D

Angelnorth said...

Cute cupcake, love the little beady embellishments!

Traceyr said...

Love this cake Karen and no calories too.


Never guess what my verification word is Milly - ha ha.

Sue said...

That is so clever Karen and very useful - I was only saying to Sallie last weekend that i'd not got a pin cushion.
Sue x