Thursday, 10 March 2011

A bit of Journalling!

Hellooo!  Not a lot of crafting here recently & when I do find time I just procrastinate hahaha  As my sister is moving nearby I have been busy with helping her but I have managed to get in a bit of journalling to help me wind down.  I have taken pics before I have journalled, hope you don't mind?  Thought you might like a peek anyway ...the very talented Kate from ~The Katheryn Wheel~ inspired this one...

I am a bit of a worry-wort at times & at the moment am getting faffy about my Sisters move as she has asked me to sort out some furniture for her...she basically has none!!!

Yes...I am a bit of a home bird!!!!  Although I do love to get out & about its nice to return to my comfy sofa hahaha

I do have some crafting on my to-do list so hopefully I will be back soon.  Now where is that furniture list????  HUGS XXX


Sue said...

Oh Karen I love the 'worry' wording, so true.
I'm with you and worry about everything.
Sue x

Zoechaos said...

Fabulous pages, the one at the top brill the words are perfect and we all know how she is feeling in the corner there. XOXO Zoe

Angelnorth said...

These are both fab - love the quote on the first one! I think keeping journalling just for you is a great idea, it means you're not worrying about the impression it creates for anyone else.

Anesha said...

Love your pages, the colours in the double page is just wonderful!

Gini said...

A lovely stage for our dear Perl!
I'm sure whatever you find/choose to help your sister will delight her but not as much as your love and support will...never underestimate the priceless gift of your love and support :-)

Worries begone! Embroider this slogan on your knickers...It's gotta work surely? LOL!

Kaz said...

I love these pages Karen and I admire you for the help you are giving to your sister. FIngers crossed Dawn settles in quickly and you enjoy being an auntie more often xxx

Hazel said...

Fab journaling - the home bird pages are so colourful and detailed - super. Hope all goes well for your sister's move (and getting the furniture) x

Traceyr said...

Fabulous pages there Karen. Hope you had a lovely birthday. x


Gez said...

Ditto Gini's sentiment..get it on yer knickers!! Been thinking about you lots lately..keeping my fingers & toes & everything else crossed for your sisters move..hang in there girl. Ooooh your journal pages are fabbilicious..take know where I am? (((hugs)))

A Gypsy Angel/Stamperbee said...

Great pages! Love the home bird. Have a great weekend.

Chriss Rollins said...

Z fabulous quote and an even more fab blog I know it's been a while and want you to lnow I have missed you and your blog.
I see a big change here love all the journaling and wanted so much to join in but had little energy.
I wnt back til befor Christmas to do a catch up.

Take care and hope you are well.

chriss x

My name is Cindy said...

Lovely journal pages Karen!! Wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for commenting on my blog - if you want to take part in PIF I will need your addy to send you gift. My email is on my profile.


Chris said...

oooooh missus.... what gorgeous eye candy....fantabulous pretty pages as always. I especially love the home bird one.
I need to do more journalling... it's been put on a back burner for a while (sketching keeps taking but I just ordered some spray inks so maybe they will get me moving eh.
Hope all goes well with your sisters move hun... I'm sure it will especially with you helping her and I know what you mean about being a worry wort... hey I should have worry tattood on my forehead ;-)
Take care me lovely
Chris xx

Carol said...

Karen, its been a while since I had a look at your blog - your journalling is fantastic...loving this home bird page - brill!

Hope the move goes ok for your sister.

Take care xx

jill said...

I love these journal pages, I really ned to make mine more colourful. I love what you did with the newspaper as well.
I heard or read another good quote somewhere about worrying,it goes something like, worrying is never a waste of time as the thing we worry about almost never happens so keep on worrying and prevent the bad stuff from happening.

Dawn said...

I'm loving your journal pages and it's so lovely of you to share them.

Moving is indeed a faff and a half. Think that's why I really can't be bothered lol

Love Dawn xx