Monday, 21 March 2011

Nearly there!!!!!

Hello, it seems ages since I posted!  Been spending a fair amount of time with my sister, lending a hand with her packing, sorting and being a shoulder for her over the break up with her ex.  But we are in the home straight now as she moves this friday.  Its been very hard for her, especially as Millie (3) & Max (5months) have picked up on the stresses involved, not helped by their Dad who is being an idiot!!! :(  Anyway, I have made her a New Home card and wanted it to be one that Millie could relate to & hopefully see it as a positive move. 

I had such a lot of girly fun with this one haha!  The castle is every little girls dream isn't it?  This one is by PaperArtsy & the van is by Google haha!  The circles are watercolour crayons, had fun with those too!  I enjoyed this so much that I made a journal page to match...

Its titled 'Coming to the Hill' because we live right on the edge of the moors, whereas she is moving from the coast.  We have always joked about the drop in temperature etc hahaha!  I shall be journalling in the bottom half after the move.

Thank you for taking a looksee today, hopefully things will return to normal soon :-D, HUGS XXX


Zoechaos said...

Fabulous bright cheerful card and page. Difficult time for all the family Friday will be here in no time and you can all get on with the next stage. Your Sister is very lucky to have a loving caring sibling like you. XOXO Zoe

Cheryl said...

oh hun this is one great page,love all the doodling circles,and just love that van chugging up the hill,hugs cheryl xxxxx

Kaz said...

Love the card, but the journal page is just gorgeous! Loving all the bright colours that make it a happy page. Sending love to Dawn for Friday and make sure you take it easy now xxxx

Angelnorth said...

These are fab Karen, love the idea of a matching journal page! I'm sure Millie will love this as well as your sis, great girly colours and a dream house on the hill! Hope the move goes smoothly!

Kathy said...

This is fantastic, Karen - what a great idea!

Wipso said...

What a fab card. Really hope all goes well for your sister in her new life. Lots of positive thinking ahead :-)
A x

Gini said...

Oh what a perfect and thoughtful card Karen, I absolutely adore it!
A big cyber{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}
for you and your sister and her babies, I didn't realise her children were so young, how heartbreaking for you all.
Good luck with Friday I hope the sun shines for you.

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Karen, so sorry to hear about your sister's sadness. I can fully understand how you feel about this for her as my sister is going through exactly the same right now.

Loads of love to you and to J.

Rosie & Co.

Von said...

This is lovely, the sun has really cheered up our creative juices :)
Hope your sister finds happiness in her new home
Von x

Traceyr said...

Love these Karen. Your sister and the children will love the card and the journal pages are just great and something for you to keep and remember.

Love those circles. Isn't it funny but I began a journal page today and it features circles - spooky hey? Enter the twilight zone hahaha


Gez said...

Sending you a truck load of ((hugs)) Karen. Love your card & your pages look fab. Take care hun.XXXX

Netty said...

Terrific card and no wonder you made journal pages with the same design as its fab. Hope all goes well for your sister and family in such stressful times. Annette x

Hazel said...

Millie and Dawn are going to absolutely love this - and how wonderful that you've made journaling pages as well - so colourful and gorgeous - hope the move goes well. x

Beth said...

Hiya my lovely, lovely to see all of your creations (as always). Your card is the perfect card for your sister and it shouts 'positivity' and 'happy days' to come. (Will be lovely for Millie to see too and I'm sure she will think happy thoughts too).

Will be thinking of you all come Friday and wishing your sister the best of luck in her new venture forward. It must be such a difficult time for her, bless her. She's got you by her side to cheer her on.


Dawn said...

Oh I do love these Karen they are super. So bright and colourful and a matching journal page. I wonder what you will be putting in the bottom half? can't wait to see.

Love Dawn xx

Dawn said...

Oh how could I forget about the babies and your sister. How awful it must all be at the moment but this is a brave move with little ones so young and so much more fun and peace to come give them all a hug Karen and tell her every one on your blog will be thinking of them (they will be in my prayers hun

Love Dawn xx

Chris said...

Hiya me lovely :D Breakups are always difficult but I'm sure your Sister and her little ones will find it easier having you near and having all the support I know you will lovingly give. I hope things settle down for you both soon and that she can make some new happy memories with her babies.

Love the card hunny...tis beautiful and what a fab idea to do some journalling pages the same... really stunning :D

Chris xx

Chriss Rollins said...

A difficult time for your sister and children ...with a sister such as you to be there for her she will do just great.

these pages are fantastic and so much fun i too am in love with the water colour crayons they are to die for.

have a great rest of week

Chriss x

Janice said...

What a joyous card and journal page, now that they are in their new home, I'm sure this will take pride of place.

Sandy Ang said...

What a fun and bright journal page. Love the triangle design and those spiral circles