Tuesday, 23 April 2013

'Don't Hit That Cow'

The prompt for * The Craft Barn* this week is FLIGHT and I had a hard time with this one...a hangy whatsit, a mobile and a card all ended up in the bin!!!!!  This is the best of a bad lot really...sorry folks!!! 

Its a mini 6x6inch scrapbook layout.  But before you see it I have to explain its title haha!  My daughter, Vikki, spent some time out in New Zealand a few years ago and booked herself a skydive!!!  AAARRRGGGHHH   was my reaction closely followed by 'tell me when its over' haha!!!!  

Going down she had this amazing view over an Ice Flow and the mountains beyond.  No ooo's or aaahh's from her just....'Mind that cow'  hahaha!  She was certain they would hit a lonely cow in a field when they landed!!!!  We have all this on Video, it makes us crack up every time :D  Vikki is the one underneath.

Could you jump out of a plane?  I know I couldn't!!! For more info on how I made it pop over to *The Craft Barn Blog*. 

Thank you muchly for looking today :D HUGS XXX


Kaz said...

This is fab Karen and funny too!!
I have enough trouble getting into a plane!! xxx

DIane Warburton said...

This is such fun, although I am keen to know what on earth the hangy thingy was! :-)

Dawn said...

Awe honey this is brilliant. Lol happy memories, I loved the video tee hee.
Huge huggles x x x x

Traceyr said...

hahaha very comical page Karen and I don't know maybe I could jump out of a plane strapped to an instructor of course :)