Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Binding Week at The Craft Barn

Helloooo!  If you love to make little books or are looking for something a little different then head over to The Craft Barn Blog this week where we are talking about Binding.  I have chosen to make a little book using a SIDE BINDING method.  Its very simple to do but can I explain the way you thread it in writing for you? makes sense in my head but that's as far as it gets.  You would probably end up knitting if I wrote it down hahaha.  But there are plenty of helpful videos on You Tube that will  help.  But I can tell you about how I made the rest :D

I have just used thin ribbon so that you can see how it all looks but you can use any strong thread, fibres, and beads would look amazing!  You can make this book any size but its not recommended that you make it too thick as its harder to make the holes.  For my covers I cut 2 pieces of cardboard 13x9cm (from an old cereal packet) and cut 2.5cm off one end and 2mm off the other end of the same piece.  This will give you a 'hinge'.  To cover these pieces glue down onto paper (I used copier paper that I sprayed with ink), placing the cut pieces as shown with a 2mm gap.  Cut out, leaving a margin that you tuck over and glue to the other side.  The cover with two sections is the front.

Cut your pages 13cmx8cm.  I used plain paper for this and also cut two to line the inside of the covers.  Now place your pages over the back making sure that the edges to be bound are all level and place the top cover over.  Hold together with clips.  Now go check out You Tube for how to bind it all hahaha (x)  You will see that as I have used ribbon  I needed  to punch holes rather than use an awl.

To finish my book off I clear embossed a Script Stamp from my stash and added a paper tab with a painted Tando Flower on top and used a magnet for closure.  Treasure Silver was rubbed over the clear embossing and around the edges too.  I love that stuff!  When its dry buff it up with a cloth and it shines like Grandma's old teapot.

Isabelle and I have attempted the instructions over at *The Craft Barn Blog* for you if you want to see more.


Dawn said...

Beautifully done sweetie. I love the colours on your cover and WOW to the embossing and treasure silver details, they look stunning. Brilliant idea to put a tab closure on too, looks perfect my lovely.
Huge huggles x x x x

Sandy said...

How did you know I wanted to do one of these!!??!! Thanks for the tutorial Karen.

chrissies said...

Wonderful idea

Love Chrissie x

Coco said...

It looks fab !! And that's a great idea also, I love how you bind your cover Karen... :) Thank you also for all the explanations, could be useful one day to try too ! Hugs, xxx

DIane Warburton said...

Don't you just love magnet closures on books; it's quite satisfying just opening and closing it but I maybe shouldn't express that in public :-)

The binding makes it look very smart indeed but now the nosey part of me wants to know what you put inside it! xxx

BJ said...

Oh more bindings to try. Thanks for your comment on my Timmy Adventure, still finding homes for the new stash and I made an order this morning too. Loved using his tools so just...... I think you get the gist. BJ