Sunday, 1 September 2013

Altered Dictionary - Z

Hello Lovely Blogging Friends :D  This 'Z' is a really tricky letter isn't it?  I am sure that I am not the only one who had a problem with this one, I actually ended up reading the dictionary hahaha!  But then it just hit me between the eyes...the word not the dictionary :D  ZEST!  Not actually a fruit in itself but its made of fruit so that's good enough for me.  You might need your sunglasses though as its a bit bright!

I used a paper napkin that I found in a local shop...its very zesty isn't it?  I glued is down with Multi-Medium and then cut along a line of fruit on the left page so that I could make a pocket.  The tags show the words to 'Oranges & Lemons', a lovely old nursery rhyme that I remember skipping to centuries ago.  I also found a version which may well be the original.  Here are both if you are not familiar with it...


Oranges and lemons, Say the bells of St. Clements.
Bull's eyes and targets, Say the bells of St. Margret's.
Brickbats and tiles, Say the bells of St. Giles'.
Halfpence and farthings, Say the bells of St. Martin's.
Pancakes and fritters, Say the bells of St. Peter's.
Two sticks and an apple, Say the bells of Whitechapel.
Pokers and tongs, Say the bells of St. John's.
Kettles and pans, Say the bells of St. Ann's.
Old Father Baldpate, Say the slow bells of Aldgate.
You owe me ten shillings, Say the bells of St. Helen's.
When will you pay me? Say the bells of Old Bailey.
When I grow rich, Say the bells of Shoreditch.
Pray when will that be? Say the bells of Stepney.
I do not know, Says the great bell of Bow.
Here comes a candle to light you to bed,
Here comes a chopper to chop off your head.
Chop chop chop chop The last man's dead!

The 1744 version

Two Sticks and Apple,
Ring ye Bells at Whitechapple,
Old Father Bald Pate,
Ring ye Bells Aldgate,
Maids in White Aprons,
Ring ye Bells a St. Catherines,
Oranges and Lemons,
Ring ye bells at St. Clements,
When will you pay me,
Ring ye Bells at ye Old Bailey,
When I am Rich,
Ring ye Bells at Fleetditch,
When will that be,
Ring ye Bells at Stepney,
When I am Old,
Ring ye Bells at Pauls.

As I have now done 'A' and 'Z' I can decorate the cover of my book.  Not too sure what I will be doing so watch this space.  Thank you so much for taking a look today, HUGS xxx


chrissies said...

Wonderful pages and a great word to chose

Chrissie x

BJ said...

Super page and reminiscent of my last one too - LOL. I might have the read the dictionary for this one as well as I am all out of ideas - any suggestions? BJ

Dawn said...

Wow, what a fab bright, zingy, zesty page sweetie. IT IS GORGEOUS. I love the pocket, perfect for housing those amazing rhymes. I reckon you're right regarding the original rhyme - what a find!!
Huge huggles x x x x

Kaz said...

This is gorgeous Karen, what a refreshing end to the book. Love the attention to detail as usual xxx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Color me impressed. Zestfully impressed, even. Clever, colorful, and great use of that napkin. Your book is really going to be awesome when you have finished it.

Coco said...

YUM !!! I'd love eating your shiny lemons and oranges haha !! beautiful page my lovely Karen, I think Z was a perfect word for you on the contrary regarding your theme Lol! :) Hugs, coco xxx

Traceyr said...

Love that page Karen my two favourite colours. Wow and you have finished your A-Z that has gone quick. Can't wait to see the covers. :)

Julia S-W said...

Great pages Karen! Love the bright, happy colours and such a great idea to use a napking!
Sorry to have been absent but I'm sure someone we both know has kept you up to date!

The glue I used for the chicken wire was Cosmic Shimmer glue which dries clear. I was amazed it actually worked at all. I tried to glue something smaller with it but it worked on some pieces and failed miserably on the last one! It is the glue I always go to although Mr S suggested another but I can't remember what he said!!!
Hope you are well and will try to keep visiting until our move in early Oct (alledged move perhaps!). Sadly, I'll then be missing in action again for a while I suspect!
Take care,
Hugs from Me xxx
PS I thought I had your email but couldn't find it so sorry for such a long post.

Maggie said...

Fabulous Zesty page Karen


BJ said...

Thanks for the suggestions have now done my page thanks to you. BJ

Gay Peplow said...

Fabulous page Karen!! Great idea too, clever you :D
I didn't know all the words but I'm afraid I'm old enough to have sung the first version at school LOL Thank you for sharing Karen :D Hugs Gay x

Angelnorth said...

Well done finding a fruity Z! Lovely zingy pages and great to see the 18th century version of what the bells say!

Silvia(Barnie) said...

These are fabulous pages, love the fresh colors.

Sandy said...

I must admit, Karen I have not heard of or read either version until now! Here comes a chopper to chop off my head - oh woe is me! Thank goodness I managed to get my z page in before I more or less lost it!! Love your zesty pages. I am going to have to remember that pocket for a later make!