Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Peeled Tree!

Hello!  Now for something completely different!  How to abuse your chipboard and get away with it hahaha!!!  Its all about water & peeling, not to be confused with peel-offs.  I have used a *CLOUD TREE* (pack of 2) to peel.  I am pleased with how it turned out and that has to be down to the quality of the chipboard these shapes are cut from!  From *TANDO CREATIVE* of course!
I dunked the top of the tree in water until it was wet through then gently peeled and squished each layer to how I wanted it to look when dry.  Its pretty wet so I left it on a radiator overnight.  They layers came a little adrift at the top but it was easy just to glue the centres of them back together again!  Oh and I don't still have the heating on - this was made weeks ago haha!!!!!
The tree was then painted with acrylic paint in different greens and some clear glitter glue applied in places.  The trunk was also painted with acrylic.  I decorated a *MEDIA BOARD* (pack of 5) for the tree to sit on, adding some stamping & stencilling (*MINI MASK*) to add interest.  YES!  I do love to hug a tree, especially if its an old one...its very soothing!
Here are the products I used:
Thank you for looking today.  Enjoy hugging a tree!  HUGS xxx


Gez Butterworth said...

Karen!! That is totally INCREDIBLE ♥♥♥ CLEVER lady xxxx

Carol Plume said...

this is gorgeous Karen….. love the background xx